Introducing a truly exceptional special effects make-up artist, renowned for her unparalleled skill in sculpting, creating prosthetics and crafting fantastical creatures for film and theatre. With a portfolio that boasts some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kryolan, Screenface and Boots, it's no surprise that she is a highly sought-after artist in her field.

With an unwavering passion for her craft, this artist's creations are truly remarkable. From lifelike wounds and realistic aging effects to intricate prosthetics and fantastical creatures, she has the unique ability to bring any character to life. Her attention to detail and commitment to perfection is what sets her apart from the rest.

In addition to her work with leading brands and productions, this artist is also a highly respected teacher at Kryolan UK and The Iver Makeup Academy at Pinewood Studios. Her exceptional knowledge and experience in special effects make-up has inspired and educated countless students, who have gone on to make their own mark in the industry.